AJVC organize a meeting of the cameroon green youth association


WEEKLY MEETING OF THE CMR GREEN YOUTH ASSOCIATION                                      

The weekly meeting of the AJVC was held on February 13, 2010 at the Yves pressing oyom-abang building.

The objective of this meeting was to exchange on the activities carried out and the projects in progress (EVS, youth festival); to discuss on the internal organization and the daily management of the timetables; to check the state of the memberships and the members.

The points discussed at this meeting were the world tour to present the EVS project, making contact with the REJEFAC focal points and returning from Copenhagen to the coastal, south-west, Adamaoua, north, far north, and central regions (Mbalmayo and Yaoundé); the finalisation and submission of our file for the Canada Appeal (CIDA); participation in and celebration of the National Youth Day.

The results of this meeting were, the strong mobilization of the young people for the activities carried out; EVS program - Copenhagen restitution and presentation of the REJEFAC; organizing a committee to prepare our files concerning the 3 projects, namely; call for tenders of the CBFF, PASOC and the embassy of the USA.

The president of the AJVC participated in the environmental program of Radio Campus.