AJVC participated a meeting for the 3rd millennium challenges

A meeting was held from 07 to 09 November 2007 in Yaoundé, Cameroon under the theme "Sustainable Urban Development in Africa: Challenges for the 3rd millennium".

The objectives of this meeting were: to extend on African issues the question on how to ensure that the city remains a source of economy, human development and social place, in balance with the different territories engaged in 2006 in Paris; the World Urban Planning Days will allow an in-depth reflection with the different actors involved in the urban planning process as a prelude to the universal operation planned in Shanghai in 2010, under the theme "Better city, better life".

The results at the end of this meeting were: to fit into the global logic of urbanization in order to conceive the African city in relation to the challenges of globalization; to develop African issues and design innovative approaches that would improve the face and soul of African cities; to move towards the preparation of an African charter on the city of the third millennium; to promote international exchanges, partnerships and coalitions for the improvement of urban planning practices, particularly in Africa.

The topics discussed at this meeting were: Demographic trends and characteristics of urbanization in the world; the challenges of urbanization for Africa in the 21st century; land strategies and urban efficiency.

The AJVC participated and contributed to the exchanges of this meeting