AJVC participate in the reform of the CEFDHAC technical committee

The reform of the CEFDHAC technical committee was finalized by a final report under the theme "Programme for the Organizational Strengthening and Functioning of the National Contact Groups and Coordination of CEFDHAC" in December 2006.

The objectives of this reform of the CEFDHAC seek through the present study an adequate organizational and institutional scheme to enable this process to continue to play its federating role; although not clearly

defined, the objectives of the study, which are reflected in the missions assigned to the consultant in the ToR, are as follows: To identify the needs of strengthening of the national contact groups; drawing up a coherent and realistic programme for the organisational strengthening of the national contact groups and the coordination of the CEFDHAC .

The expected results of this organizational reform of CEFDHAC seem to be well suited to give direction to the strategies to be adopted. To this end, the following results are eagerly awaited as some of the tools management plan to help improve the functioning of the components of this process: A proposed institutional reorganization plan; a plan to strengthen the contact groups for 2007 elaborated.