AJVC participation a meeting ESV course Training Workshop

JULY 30, 2010

A meeting was held from 30 to 31 July 2010 in Yaounde under the theme "ESV Course Training Workshop".

The objectives of this workshop were to inform the participants (focal points), applicants and members of the AJVC on the ESV, a vast volunteer programme that the AJVC is piloting in Cameroon; to make a mid-term evaluation of the actions carried out by the REJEFAC focal points; to discuss on the message that the Cameroonian youth should address to President Barack Obama by the president of the AJVC invited to the White House on the occasion of the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary.

The points discussed at this workshop were, on the explanation of the program (EVS), on its importance in Africa in social change, the presentations helped to show the role of the stakeholders in this project namely the sending organization, on the hosting organization, on the strengths and risks of the program (EVS) in Cameroon, on the volunteer recruitment process, on the programme's dissemination and extension mechanisms (EVS), on the elements of the drafting of the general strategic plan provided by the participants, on the discussion of the participation of Mrs TAMOIFO Marie in the USA on the fiftieth anniversary.

The results of this meeting were; the increased and improved knowledge of EVS, a slogan set "For a proactive and free youth" for the participation of the President of AJVC in the 50th anniversary summit held in the USA.

The AJVC participated and contributed to this workshop as rapporteur and responsible for the logistics and the different exchanges.