Tamoifo Marie

Tamoifo Marie


25 juin, 2022

Getting my master degree at 46 years old!! I started school again at 46 years old while my children are doing the same ! Never loose hope and never stop learning.  I share this to inspire young girls and boys to do their utmost and be their best version. Always aspire to inspire. I now have the opportunity to serve society everyday through the work I do at #www.ajvc.org. I also get to serve by volunteering / searching for better opportunities for US because I believe it is important that everyone can access wellbeing everywhere.  I can finally say, I got IT, I Got IT, My Master.. Soooo happy to have finally got my Master at ICT University in Yaoundé ( Innovation, communication, Technology University), sur le theme : Impacts et Opportunités des NTIC et du modèle économique “Social Business” pour l’amélioration des performances des organisations de la société civile de développement durable : Cas pilote de la Web TV d’AJVC au Cameroun et dans le bassin du Congo. ( j espère travailler avec plusieurs partenaires que j invite à me contacter par message , ce projet est innovant et a besoin de VOUS)...I need you to achieve this project .

Reprendre ses études à 46 ans !!! Au travail ! Je suis Tamoifo Nkom Marie, jeune femme de 46 ans d’origine camerounaise et née ailleurs, et maman de 3 enfants . J’ai un rêve : c’est d’avoir un mode de communication et d’apprentissage facile à l’ère des TIC pour les #populations vulnérables dans les métiers techniques et l’entrepreneuriat au féminin. 22 ans que ce rêve est un moteur dans ma vie professionnelle, et m’aide à actionner mon plan d’action. Je suis la nouvelle meilleure version de moi-même , cette femme qui ose passer de l'idée à la réalisation de ses projets. J’ai décidé de passer du combat que j’ai mené pour les JEUNES à faire de LA FEMME mon combat. La femme peu importe sa couleur, son origine, sa religion mais la femme. J’ai décidé de mettre au service de la femme ma patience, j’ai décidé de l’écouter mais de m’écouter moi, et le début du moi: c’était ce master académique...So here is my story and dream!!! https://youtu.be/k5pztB4LWx8


17 février, 2022


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Dear all . On behalf of the WWF Africa Youth Leadership Course Team, I am pleased to present to you to the launch of this online course: Securing A Sustainable Future for Africa; Transformative Pathways for Youth Action that took place on February 16, 2022 at 9am WAT: 10AM CAT/ CET: 12NOON EAT and was attended by many youths of AJVC , JVE, REJEFAC platforms, WWF staff and experts.... The course is specifically designed for young leaders and ''older youth'' who want to strengthen their skills on key global issues and trends in the development and conservation arena in a rapidly changing world. The main goal of this course is to empower young leaders to acquire skills that enable them to contribute towards the sustainable developments goals and building of green economies in Africa and the rest of the world. To give a sneak preview please find a 2-minute Trailer that is also being translated into French which you can watch at your leisure: Please find the link to the course trailer here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OZapZuVwP07fjD66Dsct10--uwhlvdV3/view. Please register below for the launch webinar and feel free to share with colleagues, young leaders and your strategic partners in youth work. You can be trained, as well as experts, youths and general public. Attached is the link to the course program and information: https://mooc-ccpo.org/

Thanks to all partners who made it possible with @WWF Cameroon, #Sida, #Styrelsen för Internationellt Utvecklingssamarbete #sustainabledevelopment #sustainability #youthleadership #greenentreprenuership #naturepositive2030 #climatecrisis #youthempowerment #greenandjustrecovery